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This is the official Wiki for the Minecraft mod AdventureCraft Awakening, the spiritual successor to AdventureCraft by Cryect.

This Wiki is under heavy construction and subject to change.

About AdventureCraft

  • AdventureCraft is a stand alone mod to the sandbox construction game, Minecraft. It is designed to let players create adventure maps for other players.
  • There are plenty of features such as: musical scripts, trigger blocks and non-player characters (NPCs). When playing an adventure map, the player is not allowed to create or destroy blocks, but is able to fight hostile mobs, gather keys to doors and use weapons like shields and guns.
  • The player can go into debug mode to design his map or control events like the weather using a Weather Block.

There are two different versions of AdventureCraft: Original AdventureCraft and the recreation called AdventureCraft Awakening, the new version for 1.15.2 is still under development and will be for a while, you can help speedup the development by contributing on GitHub or donating our team on Patreon. The original version is a fixed version of the 2011 created mod, it runs way smoother and less buggy than ever before.