Glitches & Bugs

Bomb Jumps / Bomb boosts

Though this isn’t an actual glitch it a technique commonly used to reach out of bounds or unintended areas of adventure maps. Using the knockback from bombs or bomb arrows can allow you to reach unintended areas of maps or sequence breaking them completely. Depending on how many bombs / arrows are used the strength of the knockback will increase and therefore allow to travel a large distance both vertically and horizontally. Though when used the explosion damage and potential fall damage should be taken in consideration beforehand. Using a single bomb / bomb arrow to reach an out of bounds area is considered difficult as without at least one Bombstack count you will most likely only reach up to two blocks at best due to the weak knockback as well as the randomness of where the explosion will push you. Using two bombs / bomb arrows makes jumping low heights a lot easier as the knockback is much stronger. Using three or more bomb / bomb arrow you are guaranteed to reach a decent height. Anything higher that will further increase the knockback but also the potential damage received.


Bombstack is a glitch that increases the knockback taken by bombs / bomb arrows explosions. The Bombstack counter will increase every time you die in a map. In addition to the knockback the counter also increases the damage deal by bombs. This counter can seemingly be raised to an indefinite amount which can lead to an insanely amount of knockback.

Broken Hookshot

Broken Hookshot is a glitch that disables the usage of the hookshot in either one or both hands. To cause this simply launch the hookshot and quit to the main menu while it’s still firing. After a relog the hookshot will appear frozen in its “shot” state. Even when using another hookshot item, you will no longer be able to use the hookshot in the hand you originally used the hookshot in. To fix this glitch simply reopen Adventurecraft. Firing a frozen with a working hand will fix the frozen state. You are able to perform this glitch on both hands at the same time.

Cross Walking

Strafing in Adventurecraft increases movement speed by 50%. This also allows for further jumps. Just simply hold two down to movement keys at once that do not oppose each other.

Cutscene Skip

When reloging into a world while a Camera Block is in use, the camera will reset back to the player and they will gain control again. Note: Beware that in some instances important triggers can happen during a cutscene. These will in most cases not activate after reloging.

Disabled Fans activate on block update

The title is self-explanatory, use the fill or replace tool to place them safely.

Hookshot Hover

Hookshot hover allows the player to freely move in a “no gravity like” state. It can be achieved by dying while a hookshot is hooked onto a block and respawning after the hook retrieved itself. The hookshot property won’t be removed properly and when once the player respawns they will still be in the “attached” state. While in this state you cannot jump and you will not fall. Moving will act like walking on ice. [Tai, please make a speed comparison]. You can alter the height by receiving upward or downward knockback, with the flow of water and boats / mine carts. The hover state also carries on through different maps even if you don’t have a hookshot in a map. This is a sub category of Hookshot Hover known as Multi World Hookshot Hover [MWHH]. You can disable hookshot hover by using a hookshot in the same hand in which the hover was initialized or by restarting the game.

Inverter Crash

Linking an Inverter Trigger to itself crashes the game.

Music Stop

Background music will be silenced until updated again when turning the music off and on again.

Pushing blocks inside each other

You can delete a Pushable Block or any block with gravity by quickly moving them inside each other while in their non-solid form.

Script Delay

The premise of the glitch is that after a scripted teleportation is called, triggers will not be activated properly and can we walked through without activating them. However, due to its random and vast nature, it’s very difficult to document properly. As of right now it only serves as the basis for Camerwarping but here are some of its properties.

  • Teleporting with a script disables sideways detection of triggers, they can still be activated if the player jumps or falls into them
  • Once teleported inside a trigger block, every connected trigger will not activate even after the buffer runs out

Weird Blocks

In rare instances a block can have a bugged collision and can be clipped through. Why this happens hasn’t been fully cleared up yet. It does seem to occur more often in older maps like Zelda Adventure by Gary520.

Zombie Clip

When a player dies and repeatedly hits “Title menu” on the game over screen and the “Load save” button on the menu when selecting a save. The player will slowly decent and clip through the first block you touch. The clipping will stop after the first block was clipped through as the momentum is killed after either hitting a wall or clipping inside a block. Note: This can be used to clip through the ground and hit a trigger block underneath.