Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle is an item used as a weapon in Adventure Mode. It has a high firing rate, as well as a recoil of -1 degree in pitch rotation every time you take a shot. If the target is within 20 blocks from where you are aiming, you are guaranteed to hit it. The further away the target, the less likely you are to hit it. Upon contact, however, you will deal two and a half hearts (10 hitpoints) of damage. This weapon is used by Rifle Skeletons.

Assault Rifle Image

Assault Rifle Hotbar Icon

  • Ammo Type Assault Rifle Ammo
  • Firing Rate High
  • Recoil High
  • Range 1° Pitch
  • Damage 2.5 Hearts (10 Hitpoints)


The Assault Rifle uses Assault Rifle Ammo. It's icon is made to look like lengthened rifle rounds, typical of real-world rifles.

Assault Rifle Ammo Image

Assault Rifle Ammo Hotbar Icon

The Assault Rifle holds a max of 30 rounds when fully reloaded.

Rifle Skeleton with Assault Rifle Getting shot by the Rifle Skeleton with the Assault Rifle

Killing the Rifle Skeleton with Assault Rifle Shooting and killing the Rifle Skeleton with the Assault Rifle


Cryect was inspired to add this weapon to the game after playing Call of Pripyat.