Bomb Arrow

The Bomb Arrow is an item used as a weapon and a tool in Adventure Mode, combining the functionality of Bombs with the accuracy of arrows. After it is shot, it has a timer of approximately 4 seconds before it explodes.

Bomb Arrow Image

Bomb Arrow Hotbar Icon

  • Ammo Type N/A
  • Firing Rate N/A
  • Recoil N/A
  • Explosion Radius 1-3 Blocks
  • Damage 5 Hearts (20 Hitpoints)

How To Use

To fire a Bomb Arrow, the player must hold a bow in one hand and the Bomb Arrows in the other. Once the player shoots with the bow hand, it will use a Bomb Arrow.

Weapon Use

When used as a weapon, the Bomb Arrow will deal 5 full hearts (20 hitpoints) of damage to any mob or player that is standing in point-blank range. Furthermore, it will release smoke particles, and has a knockback effect of 1-2 blocks. You cannot, however, hit a mob with the arrow itself, as it will bounce off.

Tool Use

When used as a tool, the Bomb Arrow can destroy Cracked Cobblestone and Cracked Stone, at a range of up to 3 blocks, depending on where it sticks when fired. It is very useful when a player is required to blow up blocks or mobs that are high up, or at a distance from the player.

Wall up high

An example of a Cracked Stone wall, too high to reach with a regular Bomb

Shooting an bomb arrow at the wall up high

Bomb Arrow!...

Bomb arrow stuck in wall

Arrow stuck in wall! Gotta wait the 4 seconds for it to explode to see what's hidden behind...

Bomb arrow exploding and breaking the wall

It's gold! Good job, Bomb Arrow!