The Hammer is an item used as a tool in Debug Mode to break and mass fill blocks. Unlike the Wrench, it fills all blocks in the selected area, including air blocks.

Breaking Blocks

When standing, the player can use the Hammer to break blocks at a rate of about 5 blocks per second. When in "Fly Mode" or in “noclip” mode, it breaks blocks at a rate of about 2 blocks per second.

Hammer Image

Hammer Hotbar Icon

Mass-Filling Blocks

To mass fill all blocks in an area with the same type of block, do the following:

  1. Select the area with the Cursor.
  2. Right-click the block you wish to copy with the hammer. This will fill the target area with that block.

(To fill an area with Fans - which change rotation when clicked in Debug Mode - change to Adventure Mode, and right-click them).

Block Selection Image

An area of blocks has been selected by the Cursor, ready to be filled by the Hammer

Selection Filling Image

By right-clicking a block with the Hammer, the player has filled the target area with the same type of block