The Hookshot is a multi-use tool, which the player can use on mobs, for puzzles, and for travel. Using the Hookshot will fire an arrow tied to a rope, which will travel a distance of up to 20 blocks, before returning to the player’s hand.

Hookshot Image

Hookshot Hotbar Icon

Use on Mobs

When using the Hookshot on a mob, it will grab the mob and pull them towards the player, until the player clicks the Hookshot to drop them. Allowing the mob to travel all the way back to the player can cause the mob up to 32 hitpoints of damage (8 hearts), making it actually a weapon that’s arguably more powerful than the Assault Rifle.

Use in Puzzles

For puzzles, the Hookshot can actually trigger Wooden Pressure Plates, as well as pick up dropped items, similar to the Boomerang. Two Hookshots can be held and fired at the same time.

Using the Hookshot on a mob, a wooden block, and a Gold Key