NPC Stick

The NPC Stick is an item used as a tool in Debug Mode. It is used by mapmakers to create NPC's, name them, set them to have dialogue, change their skin, set them up with scripts, or delete them.

NPC Stick Image

NPC Stick Hotbar Icon

How To Use

Right-clicking on a block with the NPC Stick will create an NPC on top of the block. The NPC will spawn facing the player.

Left-click the NPC with the NPC Stick to open up the UI.


NPC Stick UI with Labels Image

  • A: Misc - This is the button for the main page shown when editing an NPC
  • B: NPC Name - In this section, you can give your NPC a name, which will be shown in Adventure Mode
  • C: Chat Message - Here you can make the NPC say something when clicked in Adventure Mode
  • D: Delete NPC - Clicking this button removes the NPC from the game
  • E: Skins - This is the section where you can choose the NPC's skin. The default is the "Player Skin", which can be changed by saving a new file in the "npc" folder titled "char.png"
  • F: Script - This button changes the UI to the Scripts page, which allows the player to select scripts for an NPC's OnCreated, OnUpdate, OnPathReached, OnAttacked, OnDeath, and OnInteraction properties
  • G: Path To Home/Don't Path Home - If this is set to "Path to Home", the NPC will always walk back to the coordinates where it was initially created, after being moved. "Don't Path Home" negates this
  • H: Track Player / Don't Track Player - Makes the NPC's head rotation either always look at the player when the player is within their line of sight, or ignore the player when it is in sight.
  • I: Can't be attacked / Can be attacked - Sets whether the NPC is able to be physically harmed by the player and other mobs