Paint Bucket

The Paint Bucket is an item used as a multi-block Metadata-altering tool in Debug Mode. (The Paint Brush is used for single-block Metadata-altering). For some blocks it will add a color tint. For others, it will cycle through the other block textures of that type.

Paint Bucket Image

Paint Bucket Hotbar Icon

Affected blocks

  • Stone
  • Grass
  • Cobblestone
  • Sand
  • Obsidian
  • Wooden Stairs
  • Cracked Stone (AC)
  • Cracked Cobblestone (AC)
  • Pushable Block (AC)
  • Trigger Pushable (AC)
  • Stone Pillars (AC)
  • Metal Pillars (AC)
  • Flower (AC)
  • Glass (AC)
  • Cage (AC)
  • Stone (AC)
  • Wooden Planks (AC)
  • Half Step (AC)
  • Table (AC)
  • Chair (AC)
  • Rope (AC)
  • Torch (AC)

How To Use

To change a block’s Metadata with the Paint Bucket, you must first use the Cursor to select a target area which contains any of the listed blocks. Then, while holding the Paint Bucket, right-click any block within the target area, and any blocks contained in that area will be altered into their next Metadata version.

Selection Image Before

A large area selected by the Cursor, ready to be altered by the Paint Bucket

Selection Image After

A large area selected by the Cursor, which has been altered by the Paint Bucket