The Paste item is a tool used to clone a selected area of blocks, while in Debug Mode.

Paste Image

Paste Hotbar Icon

How To Use

  • First, select the area you wish to clone with the Cursor. To paste, hold the Paste tool in hand. A ghost of the blocks you have selected will show in front of you, to act as a guide for where they will be copied.
  • Once you are satisfied with the position of the "ghost blocks", right-click the Paste tool. It will copy all blocks (including air) into the desired space.


You can extend or retract the reach of the tool by holding Alt, and scrolling the mouse wheel backwards and forwards. Sometimes the game may freeze when you let go of the Alt key. If this happens to you, try holding Alt and scrolling, then while still holding Alt hit Tab to tab out of the game, and then let go of Alt. Then you can Alt+Tab back into the game. If you wish to undo a Paste, hit Ctrl+Z (Command+Z). Be careful, though, if you had cloned a large area, undoing it with Crtl+Z, and even re-doing with Ctrl+Y may cause your game to crash.

Picture of Cursor selection

Selecting an area with the Cursor, to be copied with the Paste tool

Picture of Ghost Blocks indicating block placement

When holding the Paste tool, a ghostly image of the blocks selected by the Cursor are shown

Picture of placed blocks

Right-clicking will Paste the selected blocks